Only in Australia. Hahaha #ronburgandy
Stuffed beaver kind of night @keldeeee
Rock climbing with @keldeeee
The cake I decorated for Mattys second birthday. Steph made the yummy vanilla cake and lemon custard filling for the inside of him
Chocolate pizza… Yum #diabetes with @keldeeee
So worth spending the extra money, of course the Canadian company would come with a handwritten thank you haha #yummy #imsoexcited
Pulled pork poutine in the land of oz!!!!!! #stuffedbeaver #happykaitlyn
Canadian pub in Sydney!!!!!!!! #stuffedbeaver
Only in Australia can you order alcoholic beverages on their public transit boats.. Never gets old.
A little present from my man since I miss my Oliver xo most thoughtful gift ever #cuddlestuddly @keldeeee thank you!! xox
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